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Welcome to OLGA  --  the most comprehensive source of information about questionnaires, rating scales and other tools for assessing psychosocial effectiveness in clinical and pharmacoeconomic studies

OLGA's unique features provide quick answers to questions such as:
  • Is there a valid quality-of-life instrument available for use in a clinical trial of obese patients?

  • How has quality of life been measured in clinical trials of persons with hypertension within the past five years?

  • What effectiveness measures are most commonly used in pharmacoeconomic studies?
OLGA guides the selection of the optimal assessment strategy through:
  • decision-logic software and related database developed especially to meet quality-of-life and pharmacoeconomic research needs, and

  • personal contact with quality-of-life experts on an as-needed basis.

Thus, use of OLGA reduces the risk of including inappropriate quality-of-life endpoints in the drug approval process.

A major U.S. pharmaceutical company estimates that using OLGA has saved as much as 80 percent of the development time and other resources needed to identify and evaluate assessment options for use in clinical research.
OLGA saves time and money by quickly identifying measures of treatment effectiveness for use in clinical and pharmacoeconomic studies.  Within minutes, OLGA summarizes the development and application of all instruments that are available for use with patients diagnosed with a given indication, e.g., asthma.
OLGA data are important for:
  • identifying quality-of-life endpoints suitable for use in Phase II and III clinical trials, and

  • documenting the scientific basis--including validity and reliability--for selecting these endpoints in an FDA-approved format.
OLGA services:
  • cover worldwide research,

  • are available when you need them,

  • work tirelessly, and

  • provide consistent, reliable results.

OLGA's Unique Features


Key components of OLGA allow clients to identify the most appropriate measures of quality of life and health outcomes for use in clinical trials and economic analyses, and to conduct these scientific inquiries in ways that meet regulatory agency approval.


OLGAssessments:  User mini-manuals that describe content, scoring, and measurement properties--including validity and responsiveness--of all major quality-of-life instruments.  These summaries are routinely updated and include:

  • contact and copyright information,
  • accumulated evidence of instrument validity,
  • tables of reliability coefficients,
  • review versions of instruments, and
  • instrument-specific bibliographies.


OLGArefs:  Empirical studies cross-referenced on various parameters, with indexing of all questionnaires, rating scales and other assessment tools.


OLGArithms:  A decision-theoretic model that evaluates conceptual and practical considerations of each instrument according to investigator-supplied study parameters.


Tutorial:  A guide for selecting a quality-of-life assessment strategy for use in clinical trials, clinical practice, or individual pharmacoeconomic studies.


Glossary:  A comprehensive list of terms and definitions used in quality-of-life assessment and pharmacoeconomic analysis.




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